New Ventures Consulting uses time-tested, proven business strategies to show purpose-driven entrepreneurs in leading-edge and trending businesses how to navigate risks inherent in growing and scaling so that the founders can see their vision come to life and positively impact people.

We would love to support you in growing your business and show you how you can begin taking some immediate steps to further grow your business. We share your journey and have found there’s strength in numbers and in building a strong network.

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Your vision and mission are coming together.
You’re growing your dream.

The last thing you expect is to lose it all over something small.

We’ve found that most young business don’t make the time to properly scope out potential failure scenarios, let alone develop a plan. As we all know, hope is not a strategy. You don’t want to be in a position of being desperate for a response team, when a little upfront planning can avoid many pitfalls that create major setbacks for young businesses.

We help entrepreneurs driven to building a sustainable, long-term business avoid the blindsides that can result in unexpected financial loss. You have an irreplaceable purpose in this life and it lives through the passion project that is now your business. We teach a proven strategy that produces specific tactics to bulletproof your business and protect your dream.

Our proprietary approach methodically examines your business operations, identifies potential risks and delivers an action plan to minimize exposures and maximize transfer of risk.

You can only build as high as your foundation is deep. Our intentional process integrates all aspects of your business to create the infrastructure critical to long-term growth and sustainability. The outcome is an action plan for your business to protect against the unexpected, unplanned and unwanted, while expanding your capacity, energy and time to grow and scale.

All successful businesses master risk awareness and avoidance, but we constantly see that most young businesses do not learn how to properly incorporate insurance to protect and preserve their business. Our enterprise risk management process reveals how you can best use insurance as part of a larger strategy to protect your company as you grow. Our methodology ensures you understand why and how to get the right insurance, in the right amounts, with the appropriate coverage, at the best price in the market and that will respond as expected when you need it most.

Grow and scale your business with the added confidence to handle the unexpected and recover fast. The outcomes and benefits are:

  • Greater focus and productivity for you and your team
  • A reassuring sense of security and long-term sustainability for your investors and customers
  • An integrated insurance program that maximizes coverage, minimizes cost and pays out when you need it most

Jack Palis

Founder & Principal Strategist

New Ventures Consulting, LLC

Jack Palis is a risk advisor and insurance consultant specializing in, and committed to, bringing the traditional business function of risk management to new entrepreneurs in today’s leading edge and trending businesses. Businesses in new and emerging Industries like blockchain/digital assets, high-tech applications of AI, drones, etc., cannabis, craft brewery/distillery and agritainment typically have a large percentage of first-time entrepreneurs and have challenges in readily accessing needed insurance.

Jack brings the strategies used by the big companies to these new business owners and shows them how to proper use insurance in protecting their business. Since cryptocurrency hit his radar screen at the beginning of 2015, he has become a student and advocate of the practical applications of blockchain technology to business and societal problems and is committed to seeing this new industry thrive. From there, as a new entrepreneur himself, a passion emerged in helping other new entrepreneurs in other cutting edge and trending business ventures thrive. He observed that new entrepreneurs need skilled guidance to identify the unique risks to their business in these new and growing industries and to navigate the world of insurance where insures are reluctant to cover new ventures in new fields. ln 2017, Jack completed a 37- year career having worked for several major international corporations.

The risk management skills developed during this time improved operations, reduced costs, helped to meet regulatory requirements and satisfy multiple stakeholder interests, contributed to the success of projects totaling in the billions of dollars. For the last 14 years he worked as a client advisor/broker for the world’s largest insurance brokerage and risk management firm serving clients ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. A respected leader by employers, colleagues, and clients, he was also recognized by the risk and insurance industry as a Power Broker in 2015.

Free Consultation:

  • Have you been told insurance is not available for your business or coverage you need is excluded?
  • Have you experienced a loss and then had your claim denied by the insurer?
  • Have you experienced sticker shock in trying to get the insurance you need?
  • Is there a problem or challenge to growing your business, but you don’t know what to do about it?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions and interested in learning how to proactively protect your company rather than reacting to obstacles and problems, set up a time to talk.

We would love to support you and begin to show you how you can take some immediate steps.

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